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Design Documentation for OpenStack UIs

TripleO UI Design Documentation

The following is the documented design for the two main workflows that we are looking to support in the TripleO UI along with the edge cases that users might hit.

1. Deployment Workflow for Edge Technician

A walkthrough of what Jacques the Edge Technician will see as he works through Deploying the Overcloud using the UI.

2. Preparation before Edge Technician Deploys

A walkthrough of what the preparation expert needs to do to get the undercloud install done and configuration prepared for before Jacques installs at edge sites.

3. TripleO UI Edge Cases

Users might high a number of Edge Cases in the UI. Edge cases are the less likely path, but still something we’d like to support a user of the UI to tackle.

4. OpenShift on OpenStack

There are two methods that a user might choose to deploy OpenShift on OpenStack. The first is to run OpenShift as a Tenant on top of OpenStack. The second is to define a role and use bare-metal nodes to run OpenShift.